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Family Word and Math Games for the Little Ones

Handmade + Lasercut

The Games

Our handcrafted games come in several styles and are lasercut from wood. All products are made in Canada (York Region).

  • Bee First Words
  • Bee First Math
  • Bee First Puzzles

Bee First games are all about thinking about words or numbers while moving their bees into the central hive. In Bee First Spelling, kids move their bees by making three-letter words. In Bee First Math, kids move their bees by forming simple equations.

View the Bee First Instructions.

The hexagonal board is made up of hexes with letters. Players draw two random letter cards, trying to form a three letter word using any adjacent letter hex. When a valid word is made, call out the word. If valid, the player's bee moves onto the letter tile used. Use one to three bees per player.

The hexagonal board is made up of hexes with numbers 1-20. Players draw two random number cards and form an equation. If the answer matches an adjacent numbered hex, the bee moves to that tile.

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