Bee First

Family Game for the Young Ones

Handmade + Lasercut

The Game

Our handcrafted lasercut wooden games allow for several styles of game play for different ages.

  • Bee First Dice
  • Bee First Math
  • Spelling Bees

Goal: Be the first player to get all your bees into the hive while avoiding predatory wasps.

In Bee First Dice players roll dice and move their bees among matching numbered tiles. In Bee First Math, kids move their bees by forming simple equations from dice rolls.

The Bee First double-sided gameboard is a Habitat:

  • The beehive is surrounded by a garden of flowers
  • Bees move between numbered tiles on their way to the hive
  • Beetles block bees
  • The bird eats the beetles
  • The spider blocks one hive entrance at a time
  • The wasp sends bees out of the garden.

View the Bee First Instructions.

View the Spelling Bees Instructions.

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